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Charles Reynard”s poems are informed by his experience as a judge in the Illinois 11th Judicial Circuit and by his earlier service as State’s Attorney (chief prosecutor), in McLean County, Illinois. The 14 poems in this collection present fresh and deeply moving insights into the love, loss, grief, and capacity for compassion and spiritual growth that shape the human condition. Stylistically, they are characterized by economy, clarity, and precision of language.

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Cover of the Farringford Cadenza


James W. Rivers is a poet whose keen psychological insights pierce straight to the marrow of human experience. The poems in this final collection, assembled and edited by Rivers shortly before his death, expand on themes that have concerned him throughout his writing life: courage and fortitude in the face of adversity, the enormity of coping with personal loss, and the ironies inherent in the perceptions of reality by divergent worldviews. Rivers accomplishes his poetic affirmations with wit, brilliant metaphor, and a consummate economy of means.

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A book we think you'll enjoy and will wish to discuss with others who’ve read it.

Cover of the Farringford Cadenza


Cadenza - a technically brilliant passage for solo instrument in a concerted musical work.

Suspense! Humor! Puzzles aplenty. This mystery will continually surprise readers with reversals of their assumptions and expectations.

A great gift for your music- and mystery-loving friends who enjoy a quest and relish humor with their mayhem.

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